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Pool and Water Treatment Company

 For some people, swimming pools are the very essence and song of relaxation and luxury home. From the crystal clear water to the unmistakable sound of a splashing dive, swimming pools are constant providers of refreshment, recreation, and even exercise. Every dream is different. So is every property. Don't worry, we account for both.

Blue Ocean is a one-stop-shop for all your swimming pool requirements. We offer complete pool equipment, chemical, and pool accessories. We are a specialized and certified swimming pool company that provides service and aftercare in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At Blue Ocean, we offer a full range of swimming pool products, equipment, and services that extensively cover the hygiene, functionality, and aesthetics of a swimming pool.

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Professional Services

We Provide

  • Swimming Pool Maintainance and Cleaning 

  • Water Treatment Solutions 

  • Pipe Line Flushing

  • Water Tank Cleaning

Pool Products

Chlorine Tablets, Pool Test Kits, Water Chemicals and more

Blue Ocean is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. We supply pool items such as Circulation Pumps, Filtration Systems, Main Drains, Inlets, Vacuum Points, Underwater Lightings – Halogen and LED, Safety Volt Transformers, Inline and Offline Chlorinators, Automated Robotic Cleaners, Salt Chlorinators, Prozone Systems, Stainless Steel Ladders, Pool Tiles and much more. You name it we have it.  We also provide swimming pool chemicals such as Chlorine Granules, TCCA Tablets, Ph Plus/ Minus, Aluminum Sulphate, Anti Algaecide and Fast-acting clarifiers for your pool. We provide the facility to check the water quality at the site and supply the test kit to check the water quality

Pool Cleaning And Maintainenece


  • We provide the cleaning works on your swimming pool for dirts, leaves, dust particles with the help of vacuum process, net cleaning process.

  • Not available all the time? Don’t worry! You can schedule your time and we would be happy to provide you service at a proper schedule.

  • Blue Ocean provides advanced cleaning and maintenance with advanced technology and supplies

  • Get your swimming pool cleaned at a very good and affordable cost

  • Don’t hesitate to pick up your device and ring us. We will be available anytime and anywhere for your help.


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